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Traffic Data

The VLMPO works with local jurisdictions and the Georgia DOT to obtain traffic count, or volume and vehicle classification data, and crash data.

Crash Analysis

Similar to traffic counts, crash data is collected from local and state agencies and analyzed both statistically and geographically to view problem areas throughout the community. Did you know that motorists involved in motor vehicle crashes in Georgia are able to obtain a copy of their crash report online?  Just visit  Georgia's new online service

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Sustainability & Livability

The VLMPO is committed to 'Developing a sustainable and safe regional transportation system that included all modes for the transport of people and goods that promotes economic development.' - 2035 VLMPO Transportation Plan, Priority 1.

Learn about the Partnership for Sustainable Communities  and FHWA Livability Resources

Scenic Byways Program

The Scenic Byways Program is a grassroots program that can provide funding for construction of facilities such as railheads, multi-use paths, or way-finding signage along scenic highways. Currently there are no Georgia Scenic Byways in the Southern Georgia region. Perhaps your community can be the first!

Transportation Data & Resources

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