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The Transportation Investment Act (TIA) or TSPLOST Referendum process is a mechanism for Georgia voters to enact a regional sales tax for transportation purposes. The law allows a region to implement a one percent regional sales tax over a ten year period to fund transportation improvements. The SGRC is responsible for administering the process leading up to the referendum vote. The SGRC is a neutral party and only provides facts and information to local governments and the public regarding this process.

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In early 2017, a majority of Southern Georgia counties passes resolutions to initiate the process for a regional transportation sales tax. The regional Transportation Roundtable, consisting of the County Commission Chairs and a Mayor from each of the 18 counties, met in April 2017 to start this regional process. The Roundtable first selected the date of May 22, 2018 as the date for the referendum.

Regional Sales Tax Fact Sheet (scroll down for FAQs)

Regional Roundtable Membership Roster  (includes Executive Committee)

Regional Roundtable and Executive Committee  Guidelines

FINAL Regional Project Investment  Criteria

Draft Regional Revenue Projections

Revenue Distribution Analysis

Project Portal (password required to submit projects, all submittals can be viewed publicly)

Sample Project Submission Form

Roundtable Agenda 4-17-17 - Minutes

Roundtable Agenda 5-25-17 - Minutes

Roundtable Agenda 7-13-17 -

Next Roundtable Meeting - January 2018

Executive Committee meetings will occur in October, November and December 2017

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Regional Sales Tax (TSPLOST) Frequently Asked Questions - updated regularly

  • What is TSPLOST?
    • TSPLOST is the acronym for Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.  TSPLOST  can only be used for transportation purposes/projects.
  • What is a Regional Transportation Roundtable?
    • According to OCGA 48-8-242, paragraph 11, “Regional transportation roundtable or ‘roundtable’ means a conference of the local governments of a special district created pursuant to this article  held at a centralized location within the district as chosen by the director for the purpose of establishing the investment criteria and determining projects eligible for the investment list for the special district.”
  • Who are the members of the Regional Transportation Roundtable?
    • According to OCGA 48-8-242, paragraph 11, “The regional transportation roundtable shall consist of the chairperson, sole commissioner, mayor, or chief executive officer of the county governing authority from each county in the special district.”
  • Who are the members of the Executive Committee?
    • According to OCGA 48-8-242, paragraph 11, “The regional roundtable shall elect five representatives from among its members to serve as an executive committee.The executive committee shall also include two members of the House of Representatives selected by the chairperson of the House of Transportation Committee and one member of the Senate selected by the chairperson of the Senate Transportation Committee.”
  • What is the anticipated date of the referendum?
    •  The Roundtable voted to plan to call for a referendum on the May 22, 2018 ballot.
  • If passed, how long will TSPLOST last?
    • Ten Years, According to OCGA 48-8-241, subsection (b), “When the imposition of a special district sales and use tax is authorized according to the procedures provided in this article within a special district, subject to the requirement of referendum approval and the other requirements of this article, a special sales and use tax shall be imposed within the special district for a period of ten years.”
  • How much revenue will the proposed sales tax generate?
    • As of 5/22/17 the state economist has not provided revenue estimates to the Regional Roundtable.
  • How much proceeds will each community get from the proposed sales tax?
    • According to OCGA 48-8-249, "Twenty-five percent of the proceeds received from the tax authorized by this article shall be distributed to the local governments within the special district in which the tax is imposed...Such percentages shall be allocated to each local government by multiplying the LARP factor of each local government by the total amount of funds to be distributed to all the local governments in the special district. Proceeds described in this subsection shall be distributed to the local governments on an ongoing basis as they are received by the commission. Such proceeds shall be used by the local governments only for transportation projects as defined in paragraph (10) of Code Section 48-8-242 and may also serve as the local match as required for state transportation projects and grants. If a special district receives from the tax net proceeds in excess of the investment list approved by the roundtable for the imposition of the tax or in excess of the actual cost of the project or projects on such investment list, then such excess proceeds shall be distributed among the local governments within the special district in accordance with this subsection.
    • As of 5/22/17 the state economist has not provided revenue estimates to the Regional Roundtable or local jurisdictions. (update: see revenue estimates above)
  • Can a single county issue a call for a referendum for a single-county TSPLOST?
    • Yes, under current law (as amended by HB134 in the 2017 Legislative Session) any county can call for a single-county TSPLOST on the November 2017 ballot. However, after January 1, 2018, a single county cannot issue a call for a referendum while the regional referendum process is underway.
  • What happens to the regional TSPLOST process if a single-county TSPLOST is passed by voters in November 2017?
    • The regional process would cease and could not start again until no single county TSPLOSTs were in place throughout the region.
  • Is a county in our region planning to hold a single-county TSPLOST referendum in November 2017?
    • While a county can hold a referendum in November 2017 for a single-county TSPLOST; there has been no formal vote or notification on this from any county in our region.
  • If a county holds a T-SPLOST referendum in November 2017, and it fails, will they be involved in the regional T-SPLOST vote in 2018?
    • Yes, as a part of the 18-county region, the county would still be involved in the regional TSPLOST process.
  • How much of the 25% local distribution of funds must be spent on projects in the State-wide Strategic Transportation Plan?
    • According to OCGA 48-8-241, thirty percent (30%) of all estimated revenue must be spent on projects in the State-wide Strategic Transportation Plan. It is anticipated that the projects identified on the regional distribution of funds (75% of estimated revenue) will easily meet this 30% requirement, meaning that no local government should have to program any projects to meet this requirement.
  • If the regional TSPLOST passes, will the current LMIG match of 30% change?
    • Yes, according to OCGA 48-8-244, subsection (d), “In the event the voters in a special district approve the levy of the special district transportation sales and use tax, the local governments in such special district shall be required to provide a 10 percent match for any local maintenance and improvement grants by the Department of Transportation for transportation projects and programs for the duration of the levy of the special district transportation sales and use tax. 
  • Is a quorum required to hold the Regional Transportation Roundtable meetings?
    • Yes, per the Roundtable and Executive committee guidelines that were adopted on May 25, 2017, the Roundtable and the Executive Committee will follow Robert’s Rules of Order, which states, “there must be a minimum number of voting members present at a properly called meeting in order to conduct business in the name of the group. A quorum should consist of as large as can be depended upon for being present at all meetings when the weather is not exceptionally bad.”
  • When will public meetings concerning the regional investment list be held?
    • According to OCGA 48-8-243, subsection (b), paragraph 4, “Prior to holding the final regional transportation roundtable, the executive committee shall hold, after proper notice to the public, at least two public meetings in the region for the purpose of receiving public comment on the draft regional investment list.”
  • What is the total population of the region?
    • As of the 2016 US Census population estimates, the total population of the region is 411,246.
  • How many active voters are there in the 18 county region?
    • According to data from the Georgia Secretary of State, there are 191, 192 active voters in our region as of November 2016.
  • What is the proposed tax increase for the regional TSPLOST referendum?
    • According to OCGA Title 48, Chapter 8, Article 5 – Special District Transportation Sales and Use Tax (TSPLOST), “any tax imposed under this article on or after July 1, 2015, may be at the rate of up to 1 percent but shall not be more than 1 percent.  Any rate less than 1 percent shall be in an increment of .05 percent.   
  • Are residential streets able to be paved with Regional TSPLOST funds?
    • Yes, the Roundtable adopted Investment Criteria prioritizes roadways that 'serve origins and destinations or trips to/from and within major employment and activity centers throughout the region." Many local and residential roadways serve as last-mile connectors to major employment and activity centers throughout the region.