2040 Transportation Vision Plan...
Federal regulations require Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to develop a new Long Range Transportation Plan at least every five years. In the summer of 2013, the VLMPO kicked-off the latest effort to plan for a multi-modal transportation system through the region for the year 2040. The plan addresses:

  • Policies, strategies, and performance measures for projects for the future;
  • A systems level approach by considering roadways, transit, non-motorized transportation, and intermodal connections;
  • Projected demand for transportation services over 20 years;
  • Regional land use, development, housing, and employment goals and plans;
  • Cost estimates and reasonably available financial sources for operation, maintenance, and capital investments; and
  • Ways to preserve existing roads and facilities and make efficient use of the existing system.

2040 Transportation Vision Plan(adopted 9/2/15)

2040 Socioeconomic Data Study   

Greater Lowndes County Common Community Vision

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Environmental Justice in Transportation in Lowndes County

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Public-Private Partnership Funding for Infrastructure in Valdosta and Lowndes County

Valdosta and Lowndes County Complete Streets Suitability (June 2017)

2035 Transportation Plan...

Read the 2035 Transportation Plan.

Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

In the TIP, the MPO identifies the transportation projects and strategies from the Metropolitan Transportation Plan that it plans to undertake over the next four years. All projects receiving federal funding must be in the TIP. The TIP is the region's way of allocating its limited transportation resources among the various capital and operating needs of the area, based on a clear set of short-term transportation priorities. Under federal law, the TIP:

  • Covers a minimum four-year period of investment;
  • Is updated at least every four years;
  • Is realistic in terms of available funding and is not just a "wish list" of projects. This concept is known as fiscal constraint;
  • Is approved by the MPO and governor; and
  • Is incorporated directly, without change, into the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).                 

Read about acquiring real property for Federal-Aid programs and projects

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The Valdosta-Lowndes Metropolitan Planning Organization has made information for each project in its 2040 Transportation Vision Plan and its current Transportation Improvement Plan available on the Valor GIS website. Click here to be directed to this website, once you are there, select "MPO Transportation Improvements" from the layers list.

Historical Plans...

Transportation has been a driving force in Lowndes County and Valdosta since their founding in the 1800s. Valdsota was founded as a result of the citizens of Troupville moving their town to be near the railroads that interesected in Lowndes County. Below is a snapshot of the some of the transportation plans that have been developed over the years. Many of the projects have been completed, some of the projects are still being worked on, others have been forgotten to time. For more local transportation history you can visit the online exhibits of theLowndes County Historical Society.

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