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SGRC's Geographic Information Services program is one of the most mature and advanced in the state among RCs. This program develops and maintains geographic information system (GIS) data and applications for governments across Southern Georgia, our state,  and even beyond.

Geographic Information System  technology is all about making better decisions through query, analysis and presentation of spatial data.  GIS is used extensively in the South Georgia region. Local governments exercise GIS technology and data developed by SGRC to handle everything form monitoring growth and parcel assessment to crime analysis and planning emergency response.

SGRC GIS supports local governments in our region and beyond in many ways including:

  • GIS Education and Training
  • Parcel Mapping
  • Custom Maps and Spatial Analysis
  • Economic Development
  • Crime Analysis and Law Enforcement
  • Emergency services
  • Utility Mapping
  • Agriculture
  • Public Health

SGRC GIS also supports our local governments with mapping applications accessible with just an internet connection from your computer or mobile device.

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Geographic Information Services