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VLMPO 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

VLMPO 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

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Plan Development Purpose and Study Area The Valdosta-Lowndes Metropolitan Planning Organization (VLMPO) is updating its Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) to reflect transportation infrastructure and policy needs through horizon year 2050. The plan will address operating conditions and improvement recommendations for all modes of transportation including roadway, transit, bicycles, and pedestrians. The MTP will include short and long term strategies and actions for the development of an integrated transportation system to facilitate the movement of people and goods. The VLMPO study area includes all of Lowndes County and portions of Berrien, Brooks, and Lanier Counties.

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VLMPO 2050 MTP Historical Equity Action Lens
Stakeholder and Public Involvement Opportunities
Throughout the MTP update process, stakeholder and community involvement is vital to ensure the development of a plan which achieves comprehensive and equitable transportation investment throughout the study area. The VLMPO will issue press releases, promote an online community survey, maintain an email database of interested citizens, and hold public meetings at key milestones. Stakeholders responsible for implementation and members of the community are encouraged to participate. The schedule below outlines the timeframe for the plan development process including Stakeholder Committee and Public Meetings. The VLMPO 2050 MTP Update will be available for review during summer of 2025 prior to adoption.
VLMPO Schedule of Work
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To submit comments or request additional information:
VLMPO Project Manager, Amy Martin, Transportation Director, Southern Georgia Regional Commission
E-mail: amartin@sgrc.us; Phone: 229-333-5277